Colonel Palmer House - Summer Sundays 2012

Sorry if you missed it!  We had a great lineup of Summer Sunday activities and presentations at the Colonel Palmer House.  But don't worry -- we'll be back next summer with a new lineup! 

Sunday, June 3 - "A Day on the Farm: Feathers, Fowl & Honeybees" (see photos below)

Featuring the contribution of our feathered friends and honeybees to pioneer life.  Walkup Heritage Farm brought their chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese.  Visitors learned about the care of these animals and the products they provide.  Demonstrations of early and modern bee keeping were presented.  In addition, hands-on farming chores were demonstrated by our Palmer House staff.

Sunday, July 15 - "WWII: the Homefront to the Frontlines" (see photos below)

Young men gone to war, rationing, oil & scrap metal drives, victory gardens, swing music, Hollywood and Rosie the Riveter during the WWII era were the topics of this Summer Sunday.  Members of various re-enactor groups brought this time in our history to life on the lawn of our historic home.  From the warfront to the home front; great sacrifice by residents of our community was a way of life during the early 1940's.

Sunday, August 12 - "The Civil War: Soldiers and Civilians" - (see photos below)

This summer is the 150th anniversary of the second year of the Civil War.  The young men from McHenry County filled the entire quota required with volunteers.  Re-enactors including the 8th Illinois Cavalry brought this era to life with encampments, drills, and demonstrations of the care of military horses, cannon and weaponry.  The Palmer House ladies hosted a fashion demonstration of ladies and children's clothing from "The Era of the Hoop".  Civil War era quilts were on display (from the collection of Sandi Schweitzer).

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June, 2012 - A Day on the Farm photos:

July, 2012 - WWII photos:

August, 2012 - The Civil War photos: